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Many homeowners across Sydney flush their toilets only to find the unpleasant surprise of an overflow onto the floor, while others finding their sinks struggling to clear, which is the start of the panicking situation to start looking for emergency plumbers near you.

A clogged drain usually signifies there is a local problem related to the pipe that attaches to the water drainage (the sink, toilet, tub or shower), or in some cases, the clog may be found in the main sewer drain. This usually requires the intervention of a professional plumbing company to check whether these pipes need to be relined or replaced to avoid the negative effects of blocked drains which can lead to a big mess.

To avoid diagnosing clogged drains when it’s just too late, at Trenchless Pipe Relining Solutions, we found that clogged drains typically produce early warning signs, which not many people would know about, after which they fail completely and cause a plumbing disaster requiring an emergency pipe relining solution.

What are the most common signs of clogged drains?

1. Slow drainage:
This is one of the most obvious signs that can be easily noticed when your drain is starting to clog, as you find it slowly emptying, and it worsens over time.

2. Foul odours:
A common symptom, since water, hair and other debris continuously accumulate behind the stoppage, causing a foul odour that can easily be noticed.

3. Gurgling sounds:
Just like a stomach does gurgling noises, a locally blocked drain will often cause the affected fixture to gurgle as the water drains, or underneath the shower if the main sewer is the one requiring relining.

4. Changes in flush:
You can tell your pipes require relining when you see the water levels in your toilet rise higher when you flush. If the problem is advanced, you might see the water getting into the tub or shower, which means the main sewer pipe is affected.

If you can’t find a pipe relining company and you need to check if your main sewer drain is clogged, you can perform two simple tests:

1. Bathroom tap is on, with water running for about a minute, if you see any signs of bubbling, this is a sign of a clog.

2. Watch your washing machine cycles closely, as it starts to drain, run to the bathroom and watch if any water is backing up into the shower or tub or a change in water levels in the toilet.

At Trenchless Pipe Relining Solutions, we use the latest equipment to diagnose and treat any blocked drains across Sydney, using the latest pipe relining technologies and materials, providing guarantee for any job we complete. If you notice any of the signs discussed in this guide, get in touch with our team today.

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